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Yesterday’s Earth Day farmers' market haul. So much green! I worked my haul into my presentation at the @sunnyvalelibrary's Living Green Fair yesterday (thank you for having me Sunnyvale!). – I shop at my farmers' market for several reasons: – 1. No GMOs. Organic food cannot contain GMOs. Monsanto has made big promises on GMOs but they are basically a marketing vehicle to sell more Round Up to spray on monocultures. – 2. The produce has its own natural, biodegradable packaging. Once you start to cut your plastic, you’ll buy less processed food. All the processed stuff comes in shiny packaging. Cabbages, not so much. – 3. Your community benefits. A larger percentage of your dollars stays in your community when you shop small and locally. – 4. You reduce food waste. You won’t see many “ugly” fruits and vegetables at most supermarkets. At the farmers’ market, wonky is more the norm because that’s how food grows! – 5. Generally, you can buy only so much. No giant shopping carts means no giant food haul which means less food waste. I can carry only so much around the market. – 6. Inexpensive therapy. Not that I would know… therapy here costs at least $200 an hour. If I wake up grumpy on Sunday morning—the only day my market operates—grumbling about how I want to sleep in for once and why can’t someone else do the food shopping and I’m going to be a man in my next life, a trip to the market always snaps me out of it. – 7. The taste. Need I say more? Look at this stuff! – Link in profile for this unabridged list on my blog. #farmersmarket #supportsmallfarms #shopsmall #eatfoodnottoomuchmostlyplants #eattherainbow #plasticfree #breakfreefromplastic #plasticfreeforthesea #lessplastic #zerowaste #zerowasteliving

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Every week on social media I hear questions about my ginger beer. One is “Can I do anything with the ginger in my ginger bug after I strain out the liquid?” The answer is absolutely. The ginger is covered with enough good bacteria and yeast that when I add that to sweetened hibiscus tea, I get a carbonated and delicious drink. ———- For two cups of hibiscus soda, you’ll need: – scant 2 cups hibiscus tea (I use looseleaf, really tasty) – 1/4 cup sugar (real sugar, not stevia) – 1 to 2 tablespoons ginger from an active ginger bug ———- – Add sugar to hot tea to dissolve – Allow tea to cool to room temperature – Add ginger to the bottom of a 16-ounce flip-top bottle – Pour in sweetened hibiscus tea BUT ONLY IF COOL (heat will kill the microbes and your drink won’t ferment and carbonate) – Set bottle aside (in a box in a garage is idea) – Ferment for two days or longer, burping bottles every couple of days ———- More info on natural soda on my blog, link in profile. #ferment #fermentation #naturalsoda #gingerbug #foodwaste #stopfoodwaste #plasticfree #plasticfreeforthesea #breakfreefromplastic #zerowaste #zerowasteliving

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Large bulk haul from the fabulous worker-owned @rainbow_grocery in San Francisco. I do a major shopping haul like this at Rainbow about every three months. I bought lots of flour for sourdough bread baking and wheat berries for grinding up fresh flour (so good). My boxing daughter asked for protein powder and pasta, so I bought those for her (and more nutritional yeast for the pesto she likes to make). I was running low on spices so I bought several: cumin, cumin seed, turmeric, cinnamon, fenugreek seed, kimchi spice and for my bread, fennel seed. I also bought some chocolate chips because I could. – Matching expensive jars are very nice to have but not necessary. The largest jars here came from restaurants (#dontaskdontget). Many of the smaller jars had peanut butter in them once upon a time. My neighbors gave me a few of these jars (I have cultivated a jar loving reputation). And a couple came from recycling bins. I sewed the very simple cloth bags out of an old sheet. These bags last for years. You don’t need to spend a fortune on your zero-waste gear. Much of it is probably lying around your house. I get my zero-waste genes from my dad, the most frugal man who ever lived 😉 – #bulk #bulkshopping #jars #masonjars #crazyjarlady #plasticfree #lessplastic #breakfreefromplastic #plasticfreefrothesea #plasticpollutes #zerowaste

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Happy Friday color lovers! 📷@desireemacke #thecolorwallproject

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Optimism is not naivety. 🇭🇷 Optimizam nije naivnost.

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Be generous with compassion. 🇭🇷 Budite velikodušni sa suosjećanjem.

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